Festive Halloween Pins featuring CAULDRON FRAMELITS and TOIL & TROUBLE!

Project 57

Hi Stampin Peeps!

Today I’m sharing another cute project using the die-cuts from this post, and it’s an adorable Halloween Pin! The idea for the Treat Topper came first, the headband followed, and these adorable pins came next! I made a few of these for a vendor fair I did last weekend, and I wore mine all during the fair!

They are super festive, super cute, and super easy to put together!

Here’s the Cardstock/Paper needed to make one pin:

–One piece of DSP with witches hats, measuring approximately 2in x 2in. (This piece needs to be large enough to cut one hat, and easy to work with because we will be adhering to THICK Whisper White Cardstock with an Adhesive sheet!)
–One piece of THICK Whisper White Cardstock, measuring the same size as the DSP.
–One piece of Black Foil, measuring 2in x 2in.

*You will also need one pin-back (picture above). You can find these in the jewelry section at any craft store!


1. Cut a piece of the MULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE SHEET to match the size of the DSP, and following the directions on the sheets, place the DSP on the adhesive. Next, place the adhesive backed piece of DSP onto the piece of THICK Whisper White Cardstock.

2. Using the CAULDRON FRAMELITS and the BIG SHOT, cut out one hat from the piece of DSP–now glued to the piece of THICK Whisper White–and one spiderweb from the piece of Black Foil.

3. Using MINI GLUE DOTS, adhere the spiderweb to the back of the hat. (Note: I used one GLUE DOT on the large corner of the spiderweb.)

4. Using MINI GLUE DOTS again, adhere the pin-back to the back of the hat, covering the spiderweb. (See pic for details/placement!)

And that’s it!

You can make this pin without using the THICK Whisper White, but the DSP isn’t as sturdy without it! I wore my pin for two days straight–sometimes under a jacket–and the hat lasted without one bend. The spiderweb will bend a bit–but because it’s foil paper, it’s easy to bend it back in place!

Happy Stampin’! 🙂



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