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Stamparatus Accessories

Hi Stampin’ Peeps!!

Have you heard the news? STAMPARATUS ACCESSORIES are coming!! *WHOOP! WHOOP!!* YAY!! We will now be able to purchase extra plates, extra foam mats, and, best of all, SMALL GRID PAPER!! YAY!! No more cutting down scraps or regular grid paper–and let me tell you…It’s awesome!!

I didn’t need another foam mat yet, but I had hoped for extra plates and grid paper, and I’m so excited that you guys can get these awesome accessories soon! Very soon because they go live on October 1! That’s right!

Also, for those of you wondering about a carrying bag…one is on the way! Unfortunately, that’s all the info I know right now, but as soon as I know more, then you’ll know more! 😉

Okay, so here’s the order numbers and prices for the new stuff:
SMALL GRID PAPER (149621) $6.50
STAMPARATUS ACCESSORIES PACK (All three awesome new accessories!) (151049) $24.50

And, if for some reason you don’t have a STAMPARATUS yet:
STAMPARATUS (146276) $49.00
MAGNETS (148213) $12.00

I know–that’s a lot of numbers! To make things easier, why not download this cool flyer: SU Stamparatus Accessories Flyer!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars! October 1 is the day you can buy all of these new accessories from my Online Store!

Happy Stampin’! 🙂



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