Perennial Birthday Cupcake Card!

Card 128

Hi Stampin’ Peeps!!

Look how cute this card is…and it’s super easy to put together!! I used the COFFEE CUPS Framelits to make the cupcakes, and I used the BIRTHDAY BACKGROUNDS Stamp Set for the sprinkles on the “icing!” The PERENNIAL BIRTHDAY Stamp Set provided the sentiment, and I used the TRIPLE BANNER Punch to make the “banner!”

(Note: To make the cupcakes, I used three dies! The die for the icing/whipped cream, and then two dies designed for coffee cup sleeves–the set comes with one that is embossed, and one that isn’t. I used the embossed one for the cupcake “wrapper,” and the one that isn’t for the actual “cake” part!)

Oh, I almost forgot: Because I used the same stamp over and over–with different inks–the SIMPLY SHAMMY was a life-saver! It made cleaning between each color super-fast, and it only requires water to keep the Shammy damp!! It’s definitely a must have–especially if you are changing colors often!

Happy Stampin’! 🙂


Price: $110.00


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