Rooted in Nature “Be You” Card!

Card 117
Hi Stampin’ Peeps!

I finally got a chance to play with the ROOTED IN NATURE Stamp Set, and I’m using it on both cards I’m sharing this week!

You guys, I love this set, and the comments comparing it to LOVELY AS A TREE on steroids isn’t wrong!! LOL!!

(Note: ROOTED IN NATURE was created to be a companion set to LOVELY AS A TREE, and they go together perfectly! Even if you have one, you should get the other–they both are wonderful sets!)

To create the sentiment on this card, I used a small label from the SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE EMBELLISHMENT KIT, and stamped the words in full strength in the center of the label, and then stamped off once before stamping the top and bottom images! I think it turned out amazing, and it’s the perfect card to give to someone special!

Tip: After wrapping your twine, tape it to the back of the label to hold it in place instead of tying it in a knot! The twine is thicker than baker’s twine, and a knot gives it a height higher than the dimensionals, which you don’t want! Taping the ends helps the twine lay flat, and gives your card a more professional finish!

Happy Stampin’! 🙂



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