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Stampin’ Up! 2018-2019 Color Revamp!

Color Revamp (1)

Hi Stampin’ Peeps!!

YES! You read that right…the new Annual Catalog will bring with it a Color Revamp!! A Revamp is BIG news, but don’t worry–you’re gonna love it!!

So, what’s the difference between a REVAMP and a REFRESH? Well, a Revamp is a significant change to the color lines, whereas a Refresh is just a few new colors!! The new catalog is definitely going through a REVAMP–we are retiring 13 colors, but gaining 16 new ones!!

WHOOP!! Honestly, it’s time!! If we kept the same colors all the time, you guys would get bored, and so would your demos! We need fresh color to keep up with trend, and to keep things beautiful and exciting!!

Along with the REVAMP there is more exciting news!! We are also updating our ink pads!! The new style is amazing!! It’s easier to open, more compact, and they are STACKABLE!! The stackable feature does it for me–they look so clean and beautiful when stacked!! We also added a defoaming agent to the ink, so you’ll have less bubbles when using polymer stamps!! YAY!!

Note: Yesterday I shared the retiring lists with you, and you can find those here! On those lists, it looks like EVERY color is retiring, but that is not what’s happening. What’s happening is some colors are retiring, but the current colors are getting new cases, so what’s actually being “retired” is the ink in the OLD case! (*Ink that is being retired for just the case will have a special symbol next to it! Read the legend/key on the list for more info!)

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for!!

What’s actually retiring??? These colors are going away:

Color Revamp (2) Going Away

And what is new?? These colors are new:

Color Revamp (3) New Colors

NOTE: Flirty Flamingo is retiring as an In Color, but it is returning as a member of our Brights Collection!!

Here is the full 2018-2019 color line:

Color Revamp (4) All 2018-2019 Colors

I can’t tell you how happy I am about Gorgeous Grape and Highland Heather!! ❤

FYI: Notice how we took Whisper White, Very Vanilla and Basic Black out of the Neutrals collection and moved them to Basics? That move is what allowed us to retire 13 colors, but to bring back 16!!!

Doesn’t everything look so fresh, and bright, and AWESOME??

I’m in love with this new Color Collection, and I hope you are, too!! This new change is just one of the amazing things the new catalog has to offer, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!!

Happy Stampin’! 🙂


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